Environmental & Risk Management

Reduce an organization’s carbon footprint and achieve environmental goals


  • Establish proactive sustainability process
  • Track costs and budgets associated with environmental deficiencies
  • Reduce overall carbon footprint
  • Reduce the number of Environmental Health and Safety incidents
  • Lower annual energy costs


Emergency Preparedness

Ensure business continuity and expedited recovery in the event of a disaster


  • Provides a proactive emergency operations management posture that can potentially save lives, protect property, and reduce insurance costs
  • Enables quick access to accurate information to make critical life-safety decisions during a disaster
  • Organizes information to implement disaster recovery plans and quickly resume normal operations
  • Assists in expediting insurance claims and negotiating more favorable coverage terms

Emergency Preparedness lets users view systems and zones within floor plans to provide critical safety information to emergency responders

Every year, natural and man-made disasters cause tremendous dislocation and financial loss to organizations. ARCHIBUS Emergency Preparedness allows you to plan for potentially disastrous situations and effectively respond and quickly recover in the event of an actual disaster. It helps provide rapid access to the critical facility, infrastructure and occupant information to ensure life safety procedures are followed, the property is protected, and disruption to normal operations is minimized. ARCHIBUS Emergency Preparedness can serve as your  primary tool for maintaining and providing accurate information to those who need it most in the event of a disaster.

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Environmental Health & Safety
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