Real Estate Portfolio Management

Improve the analysis and management of real estate


  • Automate processes for lease tracking and management
  • Reduce administrative costs with minimized errors
  • Track and analyze portfolio holdings comprehensively 
  • Access costs with high transparency
  • Simplify chargeback/invoice/payment processing


Portfolio Management

Improve the analysis and management of real estate assets to align the portfolio with the organizational mission


  • Improves asset stewardship through comprehensive tracking and analysis of portfolio holdings
  • Provides multiple perspectives on portfolio performance to enable rapid, fact-based decisions
  • Enhances root cause analysis to sustain appropriate service levels
  • Reduces administrative costs through quick and intuitive data entry

The Portfolio Manager offers multi-view capabilities for switching between Land, Structures, and Buildings portfolio analyses, incorporates graphical and GIS information, and delivers consolidated capital transaction data using the view

A centralized repository of accurate, easily accessible information is the foundation for strategically managing a real estate portfolio. Web-based ARCHIBUS Portfolio Management helps streamline data collection and analysis by accurately aggregating individual portfolio items to create a consolidated portfolio view. The application tracks current and projected holdings, leased versus owned space, building cost performance data, and more, to enable insightful planning and execution. Drill-down capabilities, graphical and geographic dashboards, KPI charting, and personalized views also help users visualize and analyze data to make fact-based decisions on the portfolio’s ability to fulfill the organizational mission.

Lease Administration
Cost Administration
Cost Chargeback & Invoicing
Advanced Portfolio Forecasting
Strategic Financial Analysis
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